Tips for Fantastic Family Portraits

Don’t let taking family portraits fall into the procrastination column of your to-do list this year. Having your family’s portrait taken is easier and faster than you’d think, and you will thank yourself years from now when you have beautiful family portraits to look back on.

We know it’s often difficult to gather everyone together for family photos, so we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to make the most of your family portrait session!

Casual is Cool

Some family members may be unaccustomed to having their picture taken in a professional portrait studio. Ensure that everyone feels as comfortable as possible by keeping clothes casual. After all—nice jeans and a simple shirt never go out of style! A genuine, natural-looking family portrait will always outshine a stiff, formal one.

Share the Love

At Portrait Innovations, we don’t charge sitting fees, so “the more the merrier” should be your motto for family portraits. Not only will Grandma and Grandpa be touched to be included in the family portrait, but the portrait session itself will be a great bonding experience for the entire family.

Show Your True Colors

Are you and your family sports-obsessed? Bring your team jerseys for a fun shot. If you’re a group of class clowns, bring funny props like fake mustaches. This is the time to let your family’s personality shine.

Relax and Have Fun!

Family portraits don’t have to be formal! We love to see portraits where families hug, hold hands, or otherwise show their affection for one another.

Spotlight Your Family Today

If you ask us, there’s something timeless about a family portrait. Book your family’s next portrait session at the Portrait Innovations studio nearest you using our Store Locator.

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