Creating Picture Perfect Birthday Photos

By Aurelia Good on 2015-10-16


Are you getting ready to celebrate your child's birthday? Make sure to schedule a photo session in your birthday plans! Doing a simple photo shoot can help you to capture your child's personality in a snapshot that you will be able to treasure for years to come.

There are many different ways to plan a birthday photo session. I always suggest that when you make your portrait appointment that you ask your photographer what ideas they have in mind. Each studio has special props and backdrops that will be perfect for your child.

I recommend bringing personal props into the studio with you to include in your photo session. We recently threw Sam a carnival themed party, so I made sure to include the banner bunting that I had made, as well as his Happy Birthday Samuel sign. I was surprised to see that the studio had a carnival backdrop at the studio, which made for some perfect pictures!

The photographer added a little red wagon and some *popcorn* for the added touches. We always ask for the number cube - it's a fun way to mark with birthday we are celebrating!

At the same photo shoot we had photos taken for my Bella, who is turning six. Bella is in perpetual motion and the photographer did a fantastic job capturing her attention and got some great shots that captured her personality perfectly!

Be prepared to go with your child's whims as well! Bella loves stuffed animals, and while she had brought American Girl Doll along to be included in her birthday photos, she decided that instead of that she wanted to use the stuffed animals from the studio! The photographer turned her back for one minute and Bella loaded up the wagon exactly the way she wanted!

This was adorable -and is a moment capturing my sweet Bella that we will always remember! The next time you head to the portrait studio remember to grab an item that will help you personalize your photos and make them as unique as your child.

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