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By Guest Blogger on 2015-06-25


As most of us know pictures are a way to capture moments and relive memories.  However, over the years and since my career in blogging began I have found pictures are also a way to brand yourself and your business.

As a blogger it is important to have nice, professional photos.  Bloggers and social media influencers are often recognized from their pictures online.  One of the most important photos you will ever have is a head shot.  These are pictures that are used on your social media sites,  blog and often even your business cards.

When you go into a photo session, make sure you get a good head shot.  Updating your head shots often is very important as people want to see what you look like now, not what you looked like 5 years ago.  It is important to be prepared when you go into your photo session.

When you are getting ready for your photo session here are a few things to remember.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before, no want wants tired looking eyes.  If you're not a morning person, schedule your session for later in the day. 

When it comes to hair and make up, make sure you take the time to be on top of it.  Keep your make up simple so your pictures look more natural. I like using browns and tans on my skin tone, but make sure you find the color that is best for you. As for your hair, you'll want to style it how you normally do. Especially if you are going for a headshot. If your hair is usually straight then keep it straight for pictures, if it's curly, wear it curly for your photos, etc. You want these photos to be a true representation of who you are. 

Always wear something you feel comfortable in.  If you're like me and you love black, wear black.  You can always change the back drop of your photos to look good again whatever you decide to wear.  If you are taking photos with someone else or family, it can be fun to wear similar colors.  But, you don't ever want to completely match.  Coordinating is great, but don't wear the exact same thing.When it comes to dressing, I always suggest neutral colors, it will give off a professional look and feel.  If you are doing a themed photo shoot then you will want to mix it up, but for a basic photo session keep it neutral.  This will help keep your photos from being dated. 

Finally, have fun!!! Going somewhere like Portrait Innovations is a really fun experience.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and take a chance.  Switch up your background and use their photo props.

After you’ve taken some great photos, don’t forget that you can mix it up and turn your images into fun products. Phone cases, ornaments, jewelry and more are perfect items to add your favorite images to and make wonderful gifts. 

Remember, when you are going to getting your picture taken, don’t forget to prepare by making yourself feel great.  If that means a fresh eye brow wax, manicure, etc. take the time and pamper yourself.  When you go in for your session, remember to bring a few different options for your outfit.  Even just a few different choices for your tops can transform your pictures.  When it comes to posing, always stand up straight unless you are using a prop.  You want to make sure you have great posture.  Finally, relax and remember to smile.  Think of something funny or bring people with you that make you relaxed.  Most of all have fun and remember the camera loves you. 



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