Top 3 Photo Gifts for Grandparents

By Megan Galko


My grandmother recently had a milestone birthday and I wanted to get her something small to celebrate the day and let her know how much we care. If you knew my grandmother however, you would know that she isn't very easy to shop for. She is a very practical woman who lives in a small apartment and she doesn't like a lot of clutter.

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The Perfect Gift for Grandparents

By Melissa Ann


I love this “Grandkids Make Life Grand” photo display and think is the perfect gift! It’s simple to make, and will conveniently hang on the wall of your Grandparents home while proudly displaying your cutest family photos.

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The Importance of Grandparent Photos

By Aurelia Good


Every summer we travel back to where I grew up. It's about six hours from where we live now, and it's a great opportunity for the kids to see where Mommy used to live and connect with my mom who still lives in Buffalo, NY.

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