Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and we at Portrait Innovations understand that you want to capture the anticipation of one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. For that reason, we specialize in maternity portraits as a way for you to show your excitement and love to your upcoming daughter or son.

While maternity photography can seem intimidating to some women, the friendly, experienced staff at Portrait Innovations are dedicated to capturing genuine smiles in our maternity photos and to making expectant mothers feel and look beautiful.

Here are some maternity photography tips so you can show off your special glow of joy:

1. Prepare your maternity photography poses

Before your actual photo session, think of maternity photography ideas and a series of poses you might like to do. Knowing ahead of time how you will be posing will help make you feel more comfortable during your maternity portrait session.

2. Come in when your baby bump is bigger

The whole idea of maternity photography is about the bump! So come in around six months or after when your bump is noticeable and will stand out in your maternity photos.

3. Include other family members

There are never any sitting fees or additional charges, so everyone in the family should plan to be in the session, this includes dad, other children, grandparents, cousins, parents, other relatives and friends.

4. Use props

Think of props to use in your portrait session that will emphasize your bump but also carry meaning. These props could include flowers, baby shoes, building blocks to spell your baby's name, a special toy or blanket - the sky's the limit!

In addition to maternity photos, we also specialize in newborn photography, family portraits, baby portraits, and baby photo books.

Find a studio now and take advantage of our great maternity, newborn, and baby portraits packages and specials today!


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