Capturing Every Moment: Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits serve as a permanent reminder of a momentous time in a woman’s life. Women may choose to have maternity portraits taken to share with family and friends, use as announcements, or simply to keep as a private memento.

At Portrait Innovations, we can help you document the journey of your pregnancy in an elegant and meaningful way. Read below for a few ideas on maternity portraits for all of the different stages of your pregnancy:

3 Months:

It is around this time that many women choose to share the news that they are expecting. We have numerous options for maternity portrait announcements, and our associates will gladly work with you to create an announcement or portrait that showcases you and the newest addition to your family!

6 Months:

A portrait session near the middle of a pregnancy is a great way to showcase your growing belly! This may also be a good time to reveal the gender of the baby or the name, if you have chosen one. Ask our friendly associates for props and ideas for sharing the exciting news!

9 Months:

If moms-to-be are still feeling up for it at the 9 month mark, this is a very special time to capture in a portrait. It doesn’t require special lighting to see the excitement on a mom’s face when she is so close to meeting her new baby!

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Whether you choose to take a series of portraits throughout your pregnancy or just one, Portrait Innovations will help you capture the memory of your journey.

Don’t forget to give your new baby a chance to shine and come back and visit us for a Newborn Portrait session!

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