Tips on How to Make Your Maternity Photos Truly Unique

Having a child is often one of the happiest and most exciting events in a woman’s life. Because we know how much anticipation and joy comes with expecting a child, the professionals at a Portrait Innovations studio near you strive to make you feel comfortable and special for your maternity photo session as you capture these priceless memories.

Explore some of these fun and unique ideas on how to make your maternity portrait session a true expression of you and your baby-to-be.

Share Your Good News

Maternity photo shoots can be a fun and creative way to make an announcement about your baby to your loved ones. By using props or other creative accessories, you can reveal that you are expecting a child, what your due date is, or the baby’s name or gender. Our in-studio professionals will help you personalize greeting cards and any other gifts to make the announcement truly special.

Prop Yourself Up

Props can be useful when making announcements, but they are also simply fun ways to add more of your own personality to your maternity photo session. Some commonly used props are sonogram photos, outfits or a shoes for the baby, or signs and banners announcing the baby’s current age, weight, height, etc. Feel free to get creative and express yourself—this is your maternity portrait! `

We are Family

In most cases, there are several people who are involved in and excited about an expected baby’s arrival. Maternity photo sessions that involve the whole family, often the expected baby’s father or older siblings, help capture the bigger picture of everyone who will be involved in the baby’s life.

Changing Seasons

Incorporating a seasonal theme into your maternity portrait session can be a good way to make it fun and personal. You don’t simply have to dress like for current season, either! For example, if your portrait session is in the spring but your baby’s due date is in the fall, you could have a fall-themed photo shoot, with a saying like ‘We’re adding another pumpkin to our patch!’ There is no wrong way to go with a seasonal theme—just have fun with it!


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