5 Quick Tips for a Spectacular Toddler Photo Session

By Katie Markey McLaughlin on 2015-05-25


Toddlers aren’t exactly known for being the most cooperative people on the planet. So you might be worried about getting a great shot that perfectly captures your 2-year-old’s toothy grin or your preschooler’s sweet personality.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your toddler’s photo session a success, and the expert staff at Portrait Innovations can help ensure you get the adorable results you’re looking for.

5 Quick Tips for a Spectacular Toddler Photo Session

1.    Explain the process ahead of time.

If there’s one thing toddlers don’t like, it’s surprises.

Sure, they might love when you unexpectedly tickle them or play a surprise game of peek-a-boo, but in general they prefer to know what’s coming in the days or hours ahead.

So instead of just showing up at the studio without warning and keeping your fingers crossed for cooperation, prepare your tot beforehand by clearly explaining what he can expect.

2.    Choose your toddler’s best time of day.

Some little ones are at their happiest in the mid-morning hours, while others come alive in the window before dinnertime.

You know your toddler best, so think through when she’s generally in the best mood. Portrait Innovations offers great flexibility when it comes to booking your session, so you’ll be able to choose the option that works best for your child.

And whatever you do, don’t schedule your photo session during your toddler’s usual naptime!

3.    Select cute but comfortable clothing.

Some toddlers are extremely sensitive when it comes to their attire. So dressing them in something that makes them uncomfortable—be it an itchy tag that keeps scratching their back, too many layers that leave them hot and sweaty, or an ill-fitting outfit that feels restricting—can lead to a cranky kid who refuses to smile.

Skip any outfits your toddler might find intolerable, and instead opt for comfy duds that are still adorable.

And don’t forget that Portrait Innovations studios have great “extras,” like this cowboy hat, that can add a special touch to even the simplest outfit.

4.    Bring along an arsenal of snacks.

For toddlers, there are few tough situations that a couple of crackers can’t cure.

What’s more, some days it doesn’t seem to matter that they just ate breakfast an hour ago or that you just offered a snack two minutes ago—they’re hungry now, and they won’t be able to cooperate until that hunger is taken care of.

So make sure you come prepared with a few snack options plus a drink to keep your little one happy even if the munchies strike mid-photo session.

5.    Incorporate Favorite Toys and Stuffed Animals

If your little boy’s blue blanket makes him feel secure, or your little girl’s stuffed elephant is her favorite snuggle buddy, bring them along!

The toys and stuffed animals don’t necessarily have to be in the photo with your child—although if you want them to be, the photographers at Portrait Innovations will certainly accommodate your request—but toddlers often feel happier just knowing their security item is in the room.

Portrait Innovations studios also have a plethora of toys and stuffed animals to delight your child during the session.

While photographing toddlers might seem like a challenge, incorporating these easy tips—while working in conjunction with the skilled photographers at Portrait Innovations—will lead to amazing results you’ll be eager to frame and hang on your wall



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