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By Guest Blogger on 2015-05-15


We began homeschooling the boys this year and it has been a great adventure.  The Captain is in kindergarten and D is tagging along for the ride, wanting to do everything his older brother does.  They have both learned so much!  

The Captain went to pre-k last year, and he sometimes talks about different things that he wishes he could do.  He remembers School Picture Day and it is true that we need to have great individual pictures of the boys taken at least yearly, which we have really struggled to do.  

I'll admit that we never bought school pictures before, because I do not like pre-paying for pictures that we cannot even look at before buying.  I felt guilty, but really, if we are going to spend the money, I would rather have a say in backgrounds, poses, and whether or not to purchase the picture of my son with spaghetti on his face!  

This year, we went to Portrait Innovations for our "School Picture Day."  I made a deal with the boys that we would get spring pictures taken in clothes of my choosing, and then they could choose their favorite outfits for some of their individual pictures.

After we took our family pictures, the boys changed in the convenient dressing room.  Then, the wonderful photographers at Portrait Innovations let the boys choose backgrounds and props to have fun with. The carnival backgrounds and motorcycle prop really helped them open up and get silly!  

Something else that helped immensely during our photo shoot was the Lego table that all three boys enjoyed playing with.  It was a big help to keep them busy while Hubby and I made our choices about which pictures to have printed. 

The staff at Portrait Innovations really knows what they are doing and how to help families.  I have never had such a great experience while taking the boys to have their pictures taken. 

I am so pleased with how they turned out.  They're already on display in our home, right beside our family picture that Portrait Innovations framed and shipped to us for a great price.  Out of all the pictures, wouldn't you know that the final shots we chose were the ones of the boys in their favorite outfits, displaying their own identities, and just having FUN!  

I think that's the best way for the boys and visitors to our home should see their pictures - completely happy and comfortable in their own skin, not embarrassed or rushed through a line at school!  

Whether we choose to homeschool, go to public or even private school, I hope to continue to visit Portrait Innovations for their yearly pictures.  Schedule your appointment today!



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